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>> Towards Sustainable Development: Promoting Rural Womens Leadership and Economic Empowerment
>> FAO introduces tomato export certification manual to Azerbaijani partners
>> United Nations inaugurates the Sustainable Development Goals stands in the Baku Boulevard

31.7.2018 Towards Sustainable Development

Towards Sustainable Development: Promoting Rural Womens Leadership and Economic Empowerment


Source:, 2018-07-05

As countries of the world unwind their potential to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), equal opportunities for women to participate in the economy remain one of the biggest global challenges. Gender equality and empowerment, including through financial autonomy and entrepreneurial maturity, is one of the 17 SDGs, yet women today own only 30% of formal small and medium-sized enterprises, while 70% of these women do not have access to the capital they need to grow, and this disproportion is even higher for women living in rural communities.

In Azerbaijan, where rural women represent 77 percent of the total women population of the country, engrained cultural stereotypes oftentimes reiterate the image of women solely as homemakers, a problem faced in most rural communities of Azerbaijan. While women strive to play a more integrated role in society they frequently struggle to find jobs outside the home. More often than not, the lack of basic literacy skills or access to job vacancy resources only amplifies their challenge, preventing them from exploring opportunities outside of what is traditionally expected.

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31.7.2018 FAO introduces tomato export cer

FAO introduces tomato export certification manual to Azerbaijani partners


Source:, 2018-07-17

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized a workshop to introduce the tomato export certification manual to stakeholders in the State Phytosanitary Control Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The manual aims to facilitate the export certification for tomato, which is one of the major export products for Azerbaijan. Inspectors from the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Phytosanitary Control Service, Azerbaijan Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables, as well as the private sector will be informed about the manual, current situation of the phytosanitary control in Azerbaijan, especially in the field of export. They will also have a chance to discuss and provide their recommendations for the manual.

The workshop was organized under the project on strengthening phytosanitary inspection and diagnostic services in Azerbaijan, which is funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility of the World Trade Organization and implemented since February 2016.

31.7.2018 United Nations inaugurates the S

United Nations inaugurates the Sustainable Development Goals stands in the Baku Boulevard


Source:, 2018-07-12

Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Ahmadov and UN Resident Coordinator Ghulam Isaczai inaugurated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) stands in the Baku Boulevard.

The event has brought together some 80 government officials, representatives of the United Nations (UN) agencies, civil society, youth organisations and the media.

Two-sided colourful stands, produced by the United Nations Office in Baku and IDEA Public Union and funded by UNDPs SDGs localisation project, display each goal in simple language and provide suggestions on how every person can contribute to their achievement.

Raising awareness about the SDGs is vitally important to their successful implementation. Therefore, we need to work together to inform our citizens, promote engagement and encourage participation and accountability at all levels, said Ghulam Isaczai in his opening speech.

The SDGs stands will be on display for the next four consecutive months in a hectic place of the Baku Boulevard, which hosts tens of thousands of visitors every day.





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