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News From Azerbaijan >>
>> Taking Collaborative Action on Climate Change
>> Azerbaijan's agriculture sector needs large cooperatives
>> Lakes on Absheron peninsula to be restored
>> New ADB strategy to promote inclusive development in Azerbaijan

31.3.2018 Taking Collaborative Action on C

Taking Collaborative Action on Climate Change


Source:, 2018-03-06

Azerbaijan capitalises on energy efficient architectural design, sustainable transport and access to clean fuel.

In Azerbaijan, the leading source of carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping greenhouse gas (GHG) that has severely driven recent global warming is associated with the oil and gas sector, the main driver of national economy. Carbon emissions occur in the petroleum production and end-use energy consumption sectors due to the combustion of fossil fuel during the oil and natural gas extraction processes, transportation, and in residential facilities, which, altogether, have an overall negative impact on global warming and climate change. To address this environmental challenge, since 2015 UNDP and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) have been implementing a series of measures to reduce the amount of GHG released into the atmosphere.

The energy efficiency measures are part of the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions project (NAMA) for low-carbon end-use sectors in Azerbaijan. Funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the project is to continue through 2020 and will draw upon three key areas of intervention. These interventions include the application of energy-efficient technologies in construction design and architecture, enforcement of sustainable driving habits and the provision of clean sources of fuel for cooking and other household purposes.

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31.3.2018 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's agriculture sector needs large cooperatives


Source:, 2018-03-13

The process of creating large farms and agrarian cooperatives, initiated by the Azerbaijani leadership, will positively impact the development of the country's agriculture, the former agriculture minister of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Rajab Orujov, told Trend on March 13.

This process will significantly accelerate the application of advanced innovative technologies in the agriculture sector, according to the ex-minister.

"It is very difficult to apply innovative technologies on small land plots, as their use and creation of the necessary infrastructure requires large areas. Thus, the creation of large farms will positively affect usage of empty lands in agricultural production, expansion of irrigated areas, and facilitate the use of innovative technologies," believes Orujov.

The creation of large farms, according to Orujov, is also important for more effective use of labor force in the country's regions. In addition, the specialization of enterprises and farms plays an important role in the development of agriculture, he added.

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31.3.2018 Lakes on Absheron peninsula to b

Lakes on Absheron peninsula to be restored


Source:, 2018-03-13

Azerbaijans Tamiz Shahar JSC plans to start design work by mid-2018 within the second phase of the Lake Boyukshor restoration, Chairman of the Board of Tamiz Shahar JSC Etibar Abbasov said at a press conference in Baku March 13.

He said that 300 hectares of the territory have already been cleared within the first phase of the project. A park and a boulevard were constructed on a 15-hectare territory.

As part of the second stage of the project, 800 hectares of the territory will be cleared.

"Of these, 400 hectares will be dried. The total area of the lake will thus be 700 hectares," he added.

In general, Abbasov added the company plans to restore nine lakes on the Absheron peninsula. In addition, the design work for the restoration of the Zigh Lake will be completed this autumn.

The restoration of the Lake Boyukshor is carried out within the State Program on the socio-economic development of Baku and its settlements in 2014-2016 and the presidential decree on additional measures to improve, protect and use the ecological situation on the Lake Boyukshor.

31.3.2018 New ADB strategy to promote incl

New ADB strategy to promote inclusive development in Azerbaijan


Source:, 2018-03-26

The new partnership strategy of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with Azerbaijan will promote inclusive development in the country, Head of the ADB Azerbaijan Office Nariman Mannapbekov said in an interview

The strategy will be designed for 2019-2023. It is planned to be coordinated fully with strategic road maps that are being implemented in Azerbaijan. The previous five-year partnership strategy between ADB and Azerbaijan was approved in 2014.

"This year we are completing the program, implemented since 2014. It covers the spheres of transport, energy and water supply, urban infrastructure and services. According to preliminary estimates, we can say that we have done a great job, nevertheless, we still have something to strive for. The volume of our credit and other operations has grown. We began to cooperate in new areas, such as the railway sector, electricity distribution and education," Mannapbekov added.

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