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>> New commitments made at 2017 Our Ocean conference
>> Progress made on future direction of Global Environment Facility

31.10.2017 New commitments made at 2017 Our

New commitments made at 2017 Our Ocean conference


Source:, 2017-10-06

Since 2014, the Our Ocean conference has brought together world leaders, civil society organizations, executives, and oceans experts with the goal of driving concrete action to turn the tide of human-caused deterioration of the planets oceans. The 2017 conference, which was hosted by the European Union, and took place in Malta on October 5th and 6th, saw a renewed global commitment to six areas marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, maritime security, sustainable blue economy, and climate change. The theme of the conference An Ocean for Life serves as a reminder that while more than 3 billion people directly depend on the seas for their livelihoods, their continued vitality indirectly impacts everyone.

At this years conference, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) announced three initiatives related to the conference themes on pollution, sustainable fisheries, and climate change. The GEFs commitments represent more than USD 85 million in investments in capacity building and resilience in some of the worlds most heavily used marine areas.

The Mediterranean Sea Programme (MedProgramme), is the most substantial commitment with USD 42.3 million to address nutrient pollution in the Mediterranean, enhance region wide environmental monitoring and protect key coastal freshwater resources. The MedProgramme builds on successful GEF projects in the Mediterranean and on the legal framework provided by the Barcelona Convention and its protocols. Implemented by UN Environment and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), MedProgramme will reduce nutrient and chemical pollution across the Mediterranean region and build the capacity of affected populations.

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31.10.2017 Progress made on future directio

Progress made on future direction of Global Environment Facility


Source:, 2017-10-18

The 2nd replenishment meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Trust Fund (GEF-7) was held earlier this month in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, discussing the future direction of the GEF to tackle the drivers of environmental degradation.

The two-day meeting opened October 4 with a keynote address by Dr. Gemedo Dalle, Minister of the Environment for Ethiopia, who highlighted his countrys sustainable development plans, and commitment to support the vison and objectives of the GEF.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Dessalegn, also shared his views on issues of global environmental actions and financing in a special GEF edition of UN Environments Our Planet magazine that was distributed to participants. In his article, the prime minister emphasized the importance of global action and coordination.

In the same magazine, Naoko Ishii, GEF CEO and Chairperson, wrote, To get on the right path to a better, safer future, we need to work together on common and systemic solutions, and address the drivers of environmental change. Its increasingly clear that the GEF cannot afford to stand still.

In her opening address to the Addis meeting, Ishii recognized Ethiopia for its leadership on the global sustainable agenda and noted growing threats to the environment including recent extreme weather events that have caused immense human suffering. The challenge is huge, so we must aim high, she said. GEF-7 is an opportunity to show the world what kind of things we can do together.


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