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31.8.2018 International Tools To Counterac

International Tools To Counteract Polluters in Armenia


Source:, 2018-08-13

Armenian NGOs together with the specialists of Czech 'Arnika' organization with the participation of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Yerevan Petr MIKYSKA discussed the international tools to administer justice towards polluters at EcoLur Press Club.

Czech 'Arnika' NGO specializing in chemical safety and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague are examining the soil pollution in the mining areas in Alaverdi, Shnogh and Akhtala communities and their impact on human health.

'Our task is to find mechanisms for an effective dialogue with the government so as to find solutions to the problems we have risen,' Yelena Manvelyan, President of Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO said in her welcome speech.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Yerevan Petr MIKYSKA also made a welcome speech, 'This year Armenia has become one of the project priority countries. During the project development, Armenia was included among the project priority countries for the following reason: the government must keep the promises given at the beginning of the project so as to work for the objectives and tasks together with the civil society. The project relates to the issues, which are currently available in the communities located near mines and promotes the development of the civil society, provides numerous opportunities and knowledge in terms of working with the government in different working stages,' Petr MIKYSKA said.


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31.8.2018 Lake Sevan Victim of Energetic

Lake Sevan Victim of Energetic Interests


Source:, 2018-08-28

Lake Sevan has become a victim of energetic interests, which dominate over the laws preserving Lake Sevan. The interests of the owners of energy companies are represented, first of all, by 'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC. The company owns Sevan-Hrazdan Hydrocascade, which uses the water of Lake Sevan flowing through Sevan-Hrazdan canal to produce electricity. The cascade consists of 7 stations with the aggregate capacity of 561 MW.

'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC registered in the Republic of Armenia on 8 May 2003 and is the first producing company of 'Inter RAO UES'. In 2011 the shares of 'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC were obtained by 'Rus Hydro' OJSC. On the official website of 'Rus Hydro' OJSC,, 'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC is mentioned with two sentences in the section of international activities, that the company operates Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade on the Hrazdan River in Armenia. 'International Energetic Corporation' CJSC is not represented in the assets of 'Rus Hydro' OJSC. In 2016 'Rus Hydro' OJSC reached a decision to sell Sevan-Hrazdan Hydrocascade and informed about its intention to receive proposals from the potential buyers. Nevertheless, so far Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade is not included in the list of the assets for sale by 'Rus Hydro' OJSC. It is not a secret that the low productivity of electricity in the hydrocascade is, particularly, conditioned with the limitation of water outlets through Sevan-Hrazdan canal from Lake Sevan.

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