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>> Azerbaijan to launch 15 agro-parks in 2018
>> Azerbaijan's new agriculture minister names main principles for ministry's activity
>> Azerbaijanĺs new ecology, natural resources minister introduced to ministryĺs staff

30.4.2018 Azerbaijan to launch 15 agro-par

Azerbaijan to launch 15 agro-parks in 2018


Source:, 2018-04-18

Fifteen agro-parks are planned to be launched in Azerbaijan in 2018, Executive Director of the National Entrepreneurship Support Fund (NFES) of Azerbaijan Shirzad Abdullayev said at a press conference April 18.

"The first stage of work has already been completed on three agro-parks. Furthermore, construction and installation work is underway at 26 agro-parks, while territory planning is underway at 16 agro-parks," Abdullayev said.

He said that overall, work on creation of agro-parks in Azerbaijan is proceeding at a high pace.

In total, 45 agro-parks with a total area of 191,800 hectares are planned to be created in the country's 30 districts, according to Abdullayev.

"In this regard, the government is rendering great support. In total, state funds worth 311.8 million manats were invested in the creation of agro-parks, while soft loans worth 107.6 million manats were allocated for creation of 15 agro-parks , investment incentive documents were issued for 24 projects worth 107.6 million manats, implemented in 14 agro parks," said Abdullayev.

30.4.2018 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's new agriculture minister names main principles for ministry's activity


Source:, 2018-04-23

Azerbaijan's newly-appointed Agriculture Minister Inam Karimov has named key principles for his Ministry's future activity.

Karimov, addressing the ministry's staff, said that good and efficient management, being closer to farmers, and application of (transparency, efficiency, accountability) innovations will be the key principles in the Ministry's future activity, the Agriculture Ministry told Trend on April 23.

The minister further stressed that problems faced by farmers will be studied and relevant solutions will be defined.

Furthermore, there will be measures to expand the application of the Electronic Agriculture project.

President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on April 21 appointing Inam Karimov as the Minister of Agriculture.

30.4.2018 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijanĺs new ecology, natural resources minister introduced to ministryĺs staff


Source:, 2018-04-24

Azerbaijanĺs new Ecology and Natural Resources Minister Mukhtar Babayev was introduced to the ministryĺs staff by Assistant to the Azerbaijani President for Economic Issues Ali Asadov, the countryĺs Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources said in a message April 24.

The new minister was appointed in accordance with the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev dated April 23, 2018.

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