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>> More than 100 countries meet to protect global environment
>> Sprint to 2020: Getting deforestation out of commodities - how far are we from the finishing line?

31.5.2018 More than 100 countries meet to

More than 100 countries meet to protect global environment


Source:, 2018-05-10

The Sixth Assembly of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), set up to help tackle our planets most pressing environmental problems, will take place from June 27-28, 2018 at the Furama International Conference Center in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Held every four years, the GEF Assembly brings together environment ministers and other senior officials from all its 183 member countries, along with heads of UN agencies, regional development backs, civil society organizations and business leaders to share ideas, solutions and action needed to protect the global environment.

Last month, close to 30 countries jointly pledged US$4.1 billion to the GEF for its new four-year investment cycle, (known as GEF-7), to better protect the future of the planet and human well-being.

A clear majority of donors have stepped up their support for the GEF, signaling the urgency of the global environmental agenda, and trust in the GEF to help tackle the problem and achieve even greater results, said Naoko Ishii, GEF CEO and Chairperson.

With the health of the global environment worsening, the GEF received strong support in its efforts to help safeguard the worlds forests, land, water, climate, and oceans, build green cities, protect threatened wildlife, and tackle new environmental threats like marine plastic pollution.

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31.5.2018 Sprint to 2020

Sprint to 2020: Getting deforestation out of commodities - how far are we from the finishing line?


Source:, 2018-05-18

Deforestation is contributing irrefutably to climate change, putting natural resources and livelihoods at risk. With two years left to deliver on the goal of zero commodity-driven deforestation by 2020, delegates from the private sector, government, civil society and academia were reminded this week in Ghanas capital, Accra, of the need for urgent action.

The forests are an integral part of the environmental commons. We need to view forests as a contributor to all issues and the entire sustainability agenda, said Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility, in her keynote address, adding we have 30 months to make headway on an agenda where were falling behind. The urgency of the issue was reiterated by Frances Seymour, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute: Time is running out and we really need to get on with it.

Seymours address was backed by satellite imagery on the EarthTime platform that showed the rapid pace at which tropical forests in Latin America and South East Asia had been cleared to make way for the production of soy in Brazil and palm oil in Indonesia, causing environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity. She told delegates that 2016 was a record-breaking year for tree-cover loss, with an area the size of New Zealand being destroyed, and suggested it was no coincidence that the natural disasters of 2017 were equally record-breaking. The climate is changing, she said. Nature is telling us it is urgent to address the problem of deforestation.


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