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  >> Historic Milestone Reached in Global Fight Against Mercury Pollution
>> Success of Paris Agreement Depends on Broad-Based Engagement
>> Transport Sector Is "Off Track" to Sustainability
>> EU4Energy partners discuss key regional energy infrastructure projects

31.10.2017 Historic Milestone Reached in Gl

Historic Milestone Reached in Global Fight Against Mercury Pollution


Source:, 2017-10-02

In a landmark display of international cooperation, more than 160 countries committed to tackling one of the world's greatest chemical health threats at the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

The world's first environmental and health treaty in a decade saw many countries pledge political and financial support to help reduce and eliminate mercury, a heavy metal affecting the health of millions of people worldwide from Guyana and Kiribati, to Uganda and Japan.

In her opening speech, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard, described the Minamata Convention as a success of multilateralism, The Minamata Convention is a global solution to a global challenge. From now on the name Minamata will no longer only be associated with a problem, but with a solution," she said.

Opening the high-level segment, Erik Solheim Head of UN Environment said that in order to really address the mercury challenge solutions had to be integrated into public health and environmental strategies at all levels - from local to international - and embodied into the wider pollution control agenda. He called on ministers and delegates to use the tragic legacy of Minamata to propel the convention forward.

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31.10.2017 Success of Paris Agreement Depen

Success of Paris Agreement Depends on Broad-Based Engagement


Source:, 2017-10-18

Achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and true sustainable development will take broad-based engagement, especially by the private sector to drive innovation and investment, participants at the opening of Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum in Mexico City were told.

Mexico suffered a serious earthquake last month that resulted in terrible loss of life and destruction. Mexico and Mexico City nonetheless pushed through with LACCF 2017, which has brought together private and public sector participants looking for ways to spur climate action under the theme Advancing the Paris Agreement From Targets to Actions.

I think what has happened, and what is happening, underscores how vulnerable we are as human beings, said Enrique Lendo, Head of International Affairs, Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico, reflecting on the earthquake and the numerous destructive hurricanes that have occurred in recent months. They are a sign we need to renew our efforts, and strengthen our efforts, said Mr. Lendo, citing innovative policy choices, such as carbon pricing and market-based instruments to drive investment in climate action, before officially opening LACCF 2017.

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31.10.2017 Transport Sector Is

Transport Sector Is "Off Track" to Sustainability


Source:, 2017-10-19

The transport sector is not on track towards achieving sustainable mobility, according to the Global Mobility Report launched today. The Global Mobility Report is the first ever assessment of the transport sector. It was produced by the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All)a worldwide consortium of over 50 leading organizations in the transport sector.

The Global Mobility Report covers all transport modes. It tracks progress towards sustainable mobility around the world in four areas:

  • Universal Access: about 450 million people in Africa or more than 70% of its total rural populationare estimated to have been left unconnected to transport.

  • Efficiency: transporting a container of avocados from Kenya to the Netherlands requires 200 interactions and more than 20 documents, at a cost equal to that of shipping. Efficient supply chains can increase farmer income 10-100%.

  • Safety: almost 1.3 million people die on the worlds roads every year and tens of millions are seriously injured. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among young people aged 15-29.

  • Green mobility: transport emits 23% of all energy-related greenhouse gases; its CO2 emissions could grow by 40% by 2040.


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31.10.2017 EU4Energy partners discuss key r

EU4Energy partners discuss key regional energy infrastructure projects


Source:, 2017-10-25

Twenty representatives of five Eastern Partnership countries Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine met on 23 October to discuss regional energy infrastructure projects. The meeting, which brought together representatives of the countries energy ministries, gas and electricity transmission system operators and oil infrastructure operators, was organised by the Energy Community as part of the EU4Energy Governance project.

Among the projects discussed were proposals aimed at connecting the Southern Caucasus region and Ukraine with their neighbouring countries to the west. As a result of the meeting, the participants agreed to reopen the call for candidate projects of regional and strategic significance within the EU4Energy Governance project.

The EU4Energy Initiative is part of the Eastern Partnership. In this specific initiative, the European Union works with the six Eastern Partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine), as well as the five states of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the region.





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